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Pavers & Retaining Walls in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Pavers, New Smyrna Beach, FL Your outdoor spaces' overall design and planning need to be perfect if you want these areas to look great, stand up well to the weather conditions, and be easy to maintain. While some features have only a cosmetic purpose, others are needed to improve a property's stability, safety, and functionality.

Allphases Fence and Pavers is a leading company in the industry, and we offer high-grade services to our residential clients in Smyrna Beach, FL. When you hire us for hardscape design and installations, you can be sure you are hiring the best. We are committed to providing the best solutions, using high-grade products, and completing every project on time and within budget.


Your property’s outdoor areas are exposed to changing climatic conditions and regular use, resulting in early deterioration, especially if you have not made the right material choices. We recommend using pavers in Smyrna Beach, FL, for installations such as driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, decks, and poolscapes. You can choose from various paver stones in a range of shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. These pavers could be made from natural stone, concrete, or brick.

We will help you with all the information you need about these products and help you make an informed decision. Our skilled paver installers will also complete the installations to industry standards using the best methods and technologies. We can also sand and seal the pavers a few weeks after installation to make the surfaces stain and scratchproof.

Retaining Walls

Sloping land can pose a problem in your landscape and can be dangerous as well. Sometimes, it results in soil erosion, which can affect the landscape's stability over time. If your landscape has sloping areas or spaces with soil erosion problems, we can design and install retaining walls in these spots.

These specially engineered walls are robust and built to last. We use the best retaining wall systems in our work and products made from natural stone, brick, and concrete masonry units. Our professionals will also install these walls expertly, makings sure they serve their purpose well. We are skilled and creative and offer various retaining wall solutions, including:

  • Walls Made of CMUs (Concrete Masonry Blocks)
  • Retaining Walls with Unique Inbuilt Seating
  • Walls with Planter Elements

Full Color 3D Design & Build Renderings

As a property owner who is getting their landscape installed, you want to have a good idea about what these spaces will look like after project completion. We understand this requirement; so, instead of just providing 2D drawings and plans, we use full-color 3D design & build renderings in all our projects.

We use the latest 3D software in our work, and this helps you get a clear idea of what your yard or landscape will look like after the features and structures are installed. It also gives you the flexibility to add and make changes to the plan, and we can include these alterations quickly for your approval.

Choose the Best Outdoor Features Professionals

We are licensed and insured operators and offer the best services to commercial and residential clients in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Our team is here to cater to all your pavers and retaining wall installation requirements.

We provide detailed Full Color 3D Design & Build Renderings to help you visualize the features and structures that we will be installed in your landscape. Allphases Fence and Pavers provides custom solutions and maintains affordable outdoor structures’ cost. For more details, please call us at 386-423-9898 or write to us using this Contact Us form.