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Clean & Seal

Clean & Seal New Smyrna Beach, FL The outdoor areas increase the functionality and beauty of your home. The best quality materials and installation techniques must be used in their construction. What is even more crucial is that they need to be maintained well. Even the most robust and hardy materials like concrete pavers can suffer deterioration from stains, exposure to the elements, and daily wear and tear.

The best way to keep these surfaces looking great and in good condition is to get them cleaned and sealed at regular intervals. We at Allphases Fence and Pavers are a leader in the outdoor construction industry. Our team can handle paver cleaning on all types of properties.

The Importance of Paver Clean and Seal

Over the years, we have catered to numerous residential and commercial clients and around New Smyrna Beach. We have what it takes to offer our clients the best, paver sealing solutions. Many property owners wonder whether it's essential to get these features professionally cleaned and sealed.

The common belief is that a pressure clean with a garden hose is enough to maintain pavers. While it's essential to do that with regularity, there are many reasons why you should hire professionals for annual paver cleaning and sealing, such as:

  • Commercial equipment will be used to clean the pavers
  • All the stains and dirt will be removed
  • The joints will be sanded if required
  • All moss and effloresce will be removed
  • The paved surfaces will be seal-coated perfectly
  • The best grade products help create resilient surfaces

Whether you need your residential driveway cleaned and sealed or a commercial space treated, we can help. We can clean natural stone, brick, and concrete pavers.

The Paver Clean and Seal Work Process

This is the work process our team follows while handling paver clean and seal jobs:

  • When you call us with your request, our paver clean& seal experts will visit your property.
  • They will survey the spaces that need to be cleaned & sealed.
  • The experts will make a note of all issues such as moss and mildew growth, rust stains, oil stains, debris accumulation, and more.
  • They will also check if any of the pavers have come loose and whether sanding is needed.
  • They will then give you a detailed quote.
  • Once you give your approval, we will start the work at a time convenient to you.
  • The paver clean and seal project takes about two days from start to finish (depending on the areas to be covered).
  • First, the paving installation will be cleaned using a mild yet active cleaning agent.
  • A high-pressure clean is next, which rids the paver stones of all the stains, debris, and dirt.
  • Once the pavers have dried, our team will sand the joints and seal the surfaces using the best paver sealants.
  • We will apply 1-2 coats of the sealant depending on the product used.

For any more information about our clean and seal services, feel free to contact Allphases Fence and Pavers at this number-386-423-9898. You can also send us your project details or queries via this Contact Us form. One of our experts will contact you shortly to discuss your project and get it started. You can also request a free estimate via this form.